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Dear users and supporters Olomouc region Card. We have prepared for you next season again. Already you can download from our site a new brochure-travelguide in PDF. Its printed version is already on its way to the printer. Also we updating the informations on sites, everything is done at runtime system, so we ask for your patience and indulgence. Thank you and we wish all a pretty successful season. ORC team ... more

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In order for you to be able to make the best out of your Olomouc region Card, see a lot and have great fun, we have prepared several tips for trips, including a calculation how much you can save.

The tips for trips are specified in prices for 2 adults and a 6–15-year-old child using a 48-hour card. The price of the card is included. The prices are for reference only. The trip has been designed as a 2 or 3-day within 48 hours. (1/2 day, 1 day, 1/2 day).

For real treasures

Olomouc, Kroměříž

Day 1

  • Olomouc Public Transportation (valid 48 h.)... FREE
  • The Archdiocesan Museum Olomouc... FREE
  • Archbishop’s Palace Olomouc... FREE 
  • TIP: Lunch: Podkova Restaurant 10 %
  • Minigolf Olomouc City Olomouc... FREE
  • Collection conservatories Olomouc... FREE
  • SEGWAY Olomouc Olomouc... discount 20–30 %
  • Moravian Theatre Olomouc... FREE
  • Accommodation: Hotel Lafayette**** Olomouc... discount 10 %

 Day 2

  • The Archdiocesan Museum – Sala terrena Kroměříž... FREE
  • Flower Garden Kroměříž... FREE
  • Tip! Černý Orel Chocolate Factory Kroměříž ... discount 10 %
  • Holešov Chateau Holešov... FREE
  • Šach Synagogue Holešov... FREE


Without card 2765 CZK · With card 600 CZK · Saves 2165 CZK