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Handmade Paper Factory – Museum of Paper, Velké Losiny

The oldest continuously working factory for handmade paper in the Czech Republic, in operation since 1596. Guided tours of the Museum of Paper and the actual factory. This national cultural monument also features a retail shop and a restaurant. The price covers Route 1.
with Olomouc region Card  Discount -40 %
Current Price 110 Kč

Opening Hours

I.–IV., X.–XII.
Tu - Su  10 am - 5 pm
V., VI., IX.
Mo - Su  9 am - 5 pm
Mo - Su  9 am - 6 pm



Ruční papírna Velké Losiny
U papírny 9
788 15 Velké Losiny

tel. 583 248 433 

Flower Garden Kroměříž - UNESCO

The Archbishop‘s Castle in Kroměříž is a unique monument inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.


Garden Model Railway Střížov

A model railway in the scale of 1:22.5, the Garden Railroad in Střížov is set in a real landscape with flowers and small trees, bridges and rocks, stops and stations, among which run wheezing locomotives that pull both passenger and freight wagons to the delight of children and adults. Its atmosphere varies according to the weather and season.


Get to Know Olomouc On a 4-Wheeler

A unique tour of the city and Olomouc parks on 4-Wheeler pedal bikes for up to 5 people (3 adults + 2 children). Bike rental in the city centre – 200 m from the park.

Discount -21 %

Olomouc Go-Carts

Come and try out this unique two-story indoor kart racing track in Olomouc. Enjoy true kart racing. Karts for children aged 3 and older. The track is on the 11th floor of the above-ground garages near the Olomouc centre, in the Hanáckého Pluku Street. The adrenaline-filled world of Lamborghini Kart Arena will take your breath away!

Discount -20 %

Archibishops Water House

This very well preserved technical monument documents the level of water management technology at the turn of the twentieth century. The facility provided water for the castle, the town fountains, the brewery and the chapter houses. The waterworks remained in operation until 1963. The Archbishop’s Waterworks, the Bishop’s Mint and Orlovna form a single complex.

A course in home cooking and baking using sourdough

The individual course provides professional information on baking and cooking with sourdough starter. Learn how to bake bread. Take home sourdough starter created in 2012, bread recipes, dough or baked bread and an extraordinary experience. You can buy the instructor’s own Sourdough Cookbook and other aids.


Swimming Stadium Kroměříž


SEGWAY Olomouc

Discover Olomouc and have fun! Try a SEGWAY in Olomouc. Choose from three different routes and visit the most famous sights. For the entire ride, you will be accompanied by a guide, who will teach you how to operate the SEGWAY. We guarantee you great fun and an unusual experience!

Discount 20%, 30%

Svatováclavský Brewery

The restaurant focuses on Central European cuisine, with an emphasis on freshness and a variety of seasonal and local produce. The chef is particular about the quality of ingredients, which he himself chooses from renowned suppliers. Let us recommend you the best wine for each course, which we also serve by glasses, or taste our own St. Wenceslas beer. And then just relax and enjoy the unique atmosphere, culinary experience, high-quality service and privacy in an elegant and pleasant environment.

Discount 10 %

Guided tours of the city, Hranice

Embark on a journey along the old streets, square, and townhouse arcades of Hranice with a guide. Get to know the most interesting places in the historical centre. You will visit the town hall, church, château, walk past the executioner’s house and torture chamber; you will see where the town gates stood and areas once scented by the roses from the town spa. At the château, you can visit the museum with an exhibit of historical weapons and a model of the historical city centre. The 38-metre tower of the Old Town Hall also provides attractive views.


Steakhouse Riegrovka, Olomouc

The fi rst steakhouse in Olomouc off ers exceptional culinary experiences. The restaurant has its own dry-aging meat chamber. Our organic steaks are sourced from Czech farmers. Come and enjoy porterhouse, T-bone, ribeye and other wet-aged steaks. Our menu also includes burgers made from Angus and Wagyu beef.

10 % discount

Vojenské prohlídky

Guided tours of the former military institutes are highly popular in Hranice. Visitors can learn about the long and signifi cant military history of Hranice and about the famous people who studied there, such as generals and Emil Zátopek, who trained in a long corridor there. You can visit the Chapel of St. Barbara and other architecturally interesting buildings.


Bobová dráha Hlubočky

The only track bobsled run in Moravia. With a total length of 1,536 metres, it is also the longest bobsled run in Moravia. You do not just go on an easy ride, you actually steer the bobsled. There is no other such place in Moravia any more. The length of the downhill run itself is 1,030 metres. The track includes a bridge, a tunnel, and more.


Helfštýn Rope Maze

The first rope maze in the Czech Republic. We offer great attractions: the unique rope maze, a low rope park for small children, archery, trampolining, bouncing balls for the smallest, a big swing – a unique jump from a height of 10 metres, and the latest package of attractions, FUNtastic 4, ideal for team-building and cooperation.

discount 10 %

Musical Instrument Exhibition

This exhibition of musical instruments from around the world, unique in the Czech Republic, currently contains more than 700 exhibits. The exhibition includes commonly used musical instruments, violins, violas, Chinese two-stringed violins, Indian instruments, and different types of zither and African drums; you can also admire unique instruments such as the historical Dan Bau instrument from Vietnam, the Tibetan Rkan Dung trumpet, and the African Kora harp.


Road Museum in V ikýřovice

The museum presents the history and present of our trails, roads, and bridges, historical road machinery (road rollers, loaders, snow blowers, etc.), and the business of the Klein brothers, builders of roads, railways, and bridges, in four permanent exhibitions. Temporary thematic exhibitions, installed in two exhibition halls, are also related to road transport for example, exhibitions of the history of various means of transport, exhibitions of models, building play kits, etc. The museum, which has a nationwide scope, has been established under the Road Administration of the Olomouc Region, contributory organisation.


Praděd Children’s Museum

The Praděd Children’s Museum is an entertainment and educational park located in the spa village of Bludov, 5 km south of Šumperk. The rural museum offers 600 m2 of playful interior exhibitions and a large natural playground. The museum is therefore ideal in any weather. Open year-round.

FREE for 2 h

Hotel Octarna - Relax centre, Kroměříž

The Octárna Hotel offers the services of its relaxation centre to guests, as well as the public. The enclosed resort offers an outdoor heated swimming pool with a countercurrent, a whirlpool, and a sauna with a plunge pool, all in absolute privacy.

discount 10 %

Holešov Chateau

The Early Baroque château is the dominant feature of the town. Even if the halls are not furnished, you will surely enjoy the captivating story of this château as well as the beautiful ceiling paintings, rich stucco decoration, the Grand Hall, the beautiful sala terrena, the château chapel and the large French-style château garden.


Šach Synagogue Holešov

The Šach Synagogue in Holešov is one of the most important monuments not only in Holešov and its surrounding area but also in the Czech Republic. The synagogue is unique in the world for being the only Polish-type synagogue preserved in its original form.


Zeman’s forge Holešov

The old manor forge at Holajka stood next to the château as early as the 16th century. It is named after the Zeman family, who owned the forge for decades. Although the building serves as a museum today, the original equipment is still functional.


Archery – Resort Hrubá Voda

The Hrubá Voda Resort off ers archery for adults and children from the age of 8. Each ORC holder can borrow a bow and arrow set for 10 min. FREE OF CHARGE. The gear can be picked up at the restaurant next to the bobsled track.


Bus transport – the town of Jeseník

Olomouc region Card holders ride free on the bus service operated by Arriva in the town of Jeseník (bus station – Priessnitz Spa). Present your valid card to the driver to receive your bus ticket. Valid from May 1 to October 30, 2018.


Vintage Car Museum Česká Ves

We invite you to the Vintage Car Museum in Česká Ves with 63 motorbikes, three cars (two of which are highly rare), bicycles, advertising banners, posters and more. Our displays also include old radios, televisions and other interesting devices used in early 20th-century households.


Priessnitz Health Spa – Spa Lookout

Inspired by the beautiful countryside more than a century ago, Leopold Bauer built the Priessnitz Sanatorium on a hill called Gräfenberk. This monumental building was topped with a ‘magic tower’ with a circular gallery, and so the Spa Lookout was created on the most famous building in Jeseník. Spa guests are off ered an unforgettable experience from the viewpoint of Praděd’s empire.


FAUNAPARK o.p.s. Lipová-lázně

Fauna Park is a small private zoo with domesticated and exotic animals. Sheep, goats, lamas, kangaroos, monkeys, ostriches, raccoons, turtles, meerkats, parrots, Siberian tiger, American puma and others. The zoo off ers outdoor seating, a children’s playground and refreshments. Accommodation available at the pension. One free admission for each ORC holder.


Haltmar – summer tubing, mountain go-karts

The Pension Haltmar off ers accommodation in a stylish wood building with a unique location directly on the ski slope, including a children’s playground, refreshments and paid parking. ORC holders can enjoy one free ride on mountain go-karts or the summer tubing track. Both tracks are located directly next to the pension.


Priessnitz Health Spa – Disc golf

The Outdoor Game Park off ers a pleasant time with family and friends playing popular social games. In the various sections of the park you can play mini-golf, Russian skittles, table tennis, Parcheesi, chess and pétanque. Disc golf is a popular fun game based on golf. Instead of a golf ball, players try to throw the disc at a target from designated places. The course is in the Vincenz Priessnitz Park, where many natural obstacles make for a more interesting game. Each hole features a question about our spa, for which children receive a small gift at the Spa Information Centre, where you can also borrow disks.


Priessnitz Health Spa – Mini-golf

The Outdoor Game Park off ers a pleasant time with family and friends playing popular social games. In the various sections of the park you can play mini-golf, Russian skittles, table tennis, Parcheesi, chess and pétanque. Disc golf is a popular fun game based on golf. Instead of a golf ball, players try to throw the disc at a target from designated places. The course is in the Vincenz Priessnitz Park, where many natural obstacles make for a more interesting game. Each hole features a question about our spa, for which children receive a small gift at the Spa Information Centre, where you can also borrow disks.


Priessnitz Health Spa – Park games

The Outdoor Game Park off ers a pleasant time with family and friends playing popular social games. In the various sections of the park you can play mini-golf, Russian skittles, table tennis, Parcheesi, chess and pétanque. Disc golf is a popular fun game based on golf. Instead of a golf ball, players try to throw the disc at a target from designated places. The course is in the Vin- cenz Priessnitz Park, where many natural obstacles make for a more interesting game. Each hole features a question about our spa, for which children receive a small gift at the Spa Information Centre, where you can also borrow disks.


Priessnitz Health Spa – Lázeňáček train

The Lázeňáček train is a popular attraction for children of all ages. The train travels between the spa and Jeseník according to the timetable, and ORC holders can enjoy one free one-way ride. It will also take you to the Balneopark. In the high season, excursions are organised into the surrounding area, such as to Čertovy kameny (Devil’s Stones), Na Pomezí Cave and the popular Forest Bar.


Block Museum in Jeseník

You can look forward to the nearly untouched protected Jeseníky Protected Landscape Area from the newly opened and latest Block Museum. A total of 1,000 models from immortal LEGO building blocks are on display in a 150 m2 space right next to the Priessnitz Health Spa. The museum also has a play corner for your children. The shop carries a wide selection of products you won’t fi nd in regular stores.


JONAS PARK Ostružná - zip-line and merry-go-round

The complex is an entertainment centre for the entire family. Accommodation in close proximity to the ski slopes. A restaurant with homemade food and new wellness. A year-round program for children – children‘s park, merry-go-round, zip-line and more. Free zip-line and merry-go-round ride with card (always 3 + 1 free).

3+1 FREE


JONAS PARK is an entertainment centre for the entire family. A year-round program for children – children’s park, merry-go-round, summer zip-line and more. Accommodation close to the ski slopes. With the ORC – free dessert with lunch menu (daily from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.).


Priessnitz Health Spa – accommodations

Priessnitz Spa in Jeseník with many springs and a unique pure mountain climate is regarded as the fi rst hydrotherapy facility in the world. We can arrange accommodation all year round at the spa according to your choice.

5% discount

Adrenalin park – Ranč Orel, giant swing

At the ADRENALIN PARK, you can choose from a variety of attractions and programs. ORC holders get one free ride on the giant swing (appropriate for adults and children over 6).


ČD - All-day Railway Ticket - Train

Day ticket for the Olomouc region for one person (regardless of age) allowing unlimited rides on all ČD trains in the 2nd class within the region. Travellers with a valid Olomouc Region Card can buy the ticket with a 15 % discount! The ticket IS NOT VALID on trains operated by other railway carriers in the CR or for trips abroad.

Discount 15 %

ČD - Group Weekend Ticket - Train

Group weekend ticket for the Olomouc region for up to 5 persons of whom no more than 2 may be older than 15 years of age, allowing unlimited rides on all ČD trains in the 2nd class within the region. The day ticket is valid on Sundays, Saturdays or public holidays. Travellers with a valid Olomouc Region Card receive a 15% discount! The ticket IS NOT VALID on trains operated by other railway carriers in the CR.

Discount 15 %

Hotel Octárna, Kroměříž

The Octárna Hotel is rightly called an oasis of calm in the heart of Kroměříž. It off ers a total of 51 beds. The level of our accommodation meets the strictest standards of cleanliness, comfort, and peace. The hotel includes a stylish restaurant with outdoor seating, a relaxation centre, and the Chapel of St. Cross.

10% discount

DIANA Wellness Hotel, Velké Losiny

A comfortable, newly-reconstructed hotel in the foothills of the Jeseníky Mountains. The wellness hotel features a pleasant atmosphere, professional hotel services, and a wide range of health facilities. A hotel restaurant off ering a rich menu of domestic and international cuisine, several house specials, and attractive lunch menus.

10% discount

Cholin Haná Region Museum

Nearly 1,300 exhibits preserve valuable testimony on the lives of our ancestors. Besides articles from local residents, you will find here a gift from the traveller Emil Holub, a unique theatre curtain, musical paintings, painted chests, a 16th-century Bible and old agricultural tools.


TŌSH Distillery – museum and whiskey distillery

Discount 50 CZK

“Poštovní štola” mine near Zlaté Hory


East Bohemian Customs Memorial in Králíky


Spa shop Lipová-lázně

FREE wafers

Schrothovy léčebné lázně s.r.o. – wellness

Mo–Su 7.00–22.00

Discount 20 %

Radslavice Resort

Discount 10 %

Hotel Palác

Discount 15 %

Lavender Farm – a store selling regional products

Discount -10 CZK

Bezděkov Lavender Farm

Discount -50 CZK

Véska Sports Club

Discount 20 %

Hotel S-PORT Véska

Discount 20 %

Bulzajz – házení sekerou

Archbishop’s Palace

The offi cial seat of Olomouc bishops and archbishops, a place where Emperor Franz Joseph I took over the throne and where Austrian emperor and Russian tsar met before the Battle of Austerlitz, and a building where Empress Maria Theresa and Pope John Paul II stayed – this is the Archbishop’s Palace in Olomouc. The building from the 17th century off ers a guided tour with representative halls that have preserved rich decoration and furnishings from the Rococo, Empire, and Neo-Baroque periods.


SC Hvozd - Accomodation

The Hvozd sport Club offers refreshments, sport facilities and accommodation for families on trips, motorcycle tourists, companies and schools, which can take advantage of a wide range of sporting activities: squash courts, table tennis, a fitness centre, billiards, darts and an outdoor pool.

Discount 10 %

Olomouc Public Transportation

If you have the marked Olomouc regional Card, Dopravní podnik města Olomouce, a.s. (DPMO, a.s.) will transport you on its buses and trams (Nr. 1-111) to the most interesting places in Olomouc.


Lafayette’s Dungeon – Escape Game

The unique Lafayette’s Dungeon escape game, based on real events, will take you back to the late 18th century. Can you and your family or friends use logic and wit to solve all the tasks and puzzles, put together the pieces of the story, and escape from the dungeon before the executioner comes?

Discount 10 %

Audio Tour Guides

Rentals of audio tour guides for individual narrated tours of the historical city centre. The tours are a total of 90 minutes in length and headphones can be paused according to individual needs. Tours are available in 7 languages (Czech, English, German, French, Italian, Polish, Russian). Free 2 hour rental. A deposit of CZK 300 is required.


Guided tour

An hour-long sightseeing tour around the most important monuments of the Upper Square, which is followed by a tour of the “History of the Olomouc town hall” and “The Story of the Olomouc astronomical clock” exhibitions located in the Town Hall premises. The tour is available in Czech, English, and German.


The archdiocesan museum, Olomouc

The first archdiocesan museum in this country, inaugurated in June 2006, the seat of which are the grounds of the Olomouc Castle, a national cultural monument. The museum presents a selection from preserved artistic and sacred treasures originated in Moravia in the course of past thousand years. The tour includes the Romanesque Palace from the 12th century, open in summer season. Permanent exhibition: In Glory and Praise. One Thousand Years of Spiritual Culture in Moravia. Free admission on Sundays, even without the ORC card.


Museum of Modern Art, Olomouc

In the early 1990s, the Late Art Nouveau Museum of Modern Art in the historic city centre was adapted for museum purposes, with many new halls exhibiting the art of the 20th and 21 centuries, a reading room, an observation spire, and a café with a summer terrace. Free entry on Wednesdays and Sundays even without an ORC card.


Regional Museum in Olomouc

The museum offers six new permanent exhibits. Nature of the Olomouc Region, the best Czech museum exhibit of 2012, presents the region’s natural environment in an entertaining, interactive and playful way. Olomouc – Fifteen Centuries of a City tells the story of Olomouc from the harsh times of the Early Middle Ages up to the present. The Olomouc Region Hall of Fame is made up of famous rulers, church dignitaries, artists, scientists, soldiers and athletes. From the Cradle to the Grave is an exhibit on the birth, death and devotion of nineteenth-century rural man. The story of the stone offers a fascinating view of a number of artefacts whose common denominator is stone in all its forms. The medicinal herbarium exhibit is part of a Baroque pharmacy used for drying and storing dried herbs. Its complete state of preservation makes it unique in the Czech Republic.


The health area Velké Losiny

Multi-function hall offers athletes the opportunity to play football, volleyball, tennis and badminton. The complex also has facilities for cultural events. The entire complex complements the restaurant and an outdoor relaxation area with a playground and adult fitness components.

10% discount for entry

Rope climbing centre for children

The PROUD rope climbing centre for children up to the age of 12 at the Olomouc zoo. A place where children can frolic and run around while their parents take a rest.

Discount 20%

Moravian Theatre, Olomouc

Drama, ballet, opera, operetta, musicals and fairytales – the only theatre in the Olomouc Region with three regularly performing ensembles. Performances with 11 premiers staged annually. Free admission only applies to tickets for performances by the Moravian Theatre in Olomouc and does not apply to opening nights, guest or closed performances, performances by other ensembles or performances organised in cooperation with other theatres. Free admission does not apply to tickets in the 1st and 2nd price zones. Tickets cannot be booked in advance.


Fort no. XVII - Křelov

Fort XVII is one of the group of forts (together with forts No. XI, XIII, XV) that were built from 1850 until 1854 west and south-west of the Olomouc fort. From the perspective of the development of 19th century fortifications, this is a unique structure of European importance.

Discounts: 20 %

Olomouc City Minigolf

Wondering how to spend your free time? Come and play minigolf in Olomouc City (next to the Globus hypermarket), on the 1st floor. The only indoor minigolf range in Olomouc and Northern Moravia is waiting for you. A fun activity for individuals, groups, parents with children, corporate tournaments, schools, shoppers, the old, young, and even the youngest.


Fort no. 2 - Radíkov

Fort Radíkov, No. 2 is a part of the royal Olomouc fortress, built in 1872–76. It is architect and historic unique compound. As for its construction, it is a artillery fort with 43 cannon and 470 soldiers. Outdoor activities. Mountain bike track.

Discounts: 25 %

Botanical gardens with rosarium, Olomouc

Located to the southeast of the historic centre of the city, the Botanical Gardens and Rose Garden are bordered by the Bezruč Gardens and a branch of the Morava River. The grounds in front of the town walls offer 8 hectares of interesting landscape with innumerable recesses where visitors can admire the beauty of nature, play games, or simply sit in the grass.


Slatinice Spa

The oldest spa in Moravia is an ideal destination for a trip. Discover the curative effects of sulphur springs on your skin and try Haná culinary specialties at the spa restaurants. The spa offers a wide range of therapeutic and wellness stays and provides over 100 kinds of beneficial procedures.

discount 10 %

Collection conservatories, Olomouc

Each season of the year in the palm, cactus, tropical, and sub-tropical conservatories brings blossoms and fruits to dozens of the most exotic flora species. The conservatories are open to the public nearly the whole year, with the exception of the winter months. The extraordinary flora is complemented with exotic fauna – fish, spiders, amphibians, and caiman.


Zoo Olomouc – Svatý Kopeček

The zoological garden contains over 400 animal species and participates in the preservation of a number of others. Visitors are off ered a beautiful view from the observation tower, a sightseeing train journey and the possibility to visit the run of Japanese Macaque.


Miniature golf, Olomouc

Two minigolf courses (miniature golf and greengolf) are situated on the sports premises of TJ Lokomotiva Olomouc near the municipal parks. Important tournaments take place there. Possibility of refreshments.


Miniature golf, Olomouc

The mini-golf course is situated in the centre of the city of Olomouc in the quiet atmosphere of the premises of the Summer Cinema – refreshments provided in the restaurant nearby, which also has a terrace.


Olomouc Water Park

A new modern water park full of water attractions including a fantastic relaxation area. Year-round indoor operation, seasonal outdoor operation. We offer the following – Space Bowl water tunnel (the only one in Moravia) with a turbo slide, a yellow 123 meter-long water slide for inner tube riding, smaller slides, recreational swimming pool, a children’s pool, a massage pool, 2 indoor whirlpools, an outdoor whirlpool, a tepidarium, a Finnish sauna, 2 steam baths with fragrant essences, massage, tanning, refreshment, and a children’s play area.

Discount 20 %

Swimming centre, Olomouc

We offer the following – Space Bowl water tunnel (the only one in Moravia) with a turbo slide, a yellow 123 meter-long water slide for inner tube riding, smaller slides, recreational swimming pool, a children’s pool, a massage pool, 2 indoor whirlpools, an outdoor whirlpool, a tepidarium, a Finnish sauna, 2 steam baths with fragrant essences, massage, tanning, refreshment, and a children’s play area.

Discount 20 %

Guesthouse U Orla

Guesthouse U orla is situated right next ski resort in Petříkov. It is perfect place for: - summer and winter vacation - there is accommodation for families and school course too.

Discount -15 %

Sightseeing Boat Trips through historic Olomouc

Sightseeing rafting below stunning Olomouc monuments on the Morava River. The rafting trips are held every Wednesday during the summer season, from May to October, and on important occasions organized in Olomouc. The trips start at a designated place on the Upper Square every hour on the hour, from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. The rafting trips take place with a minimum of 3 people and in good weather conditions


PROUD Rope Climbing Centre, Olomouc

A leisure resort for children and adults alike, individuals as well as groups. An adrenaline 16-metre-tall swing for up to two people, rope barriers and a children’s area. Birthday parties, company events, day camps. All this at the PROUD Rope Climbing Centre in Olomouc.

Discount 20 %

Guided Bicycle Ride around Olomouc

The guided bicycle ride around Olomouc has two variants (A is longer and B is shorter) and includes the most beautiful places in Olomouc. When cycling, you can get acquainted with the interesting places in Olomouc within just one day; at every stop, you will learn interesting information from our knowledgeable guides. Bicycle rides take place in all weather conditions. The routes are also suitable for children (from the age of 8), provided they can ride a bicycle, but always accompanied by adults.

Discount 20 %

Bowling Olomouc

Bowland Bowling Center with 18 lanes and modern software is a guarantee of good fun on the 2nd floor of Galerie Šantovka. The centre regularly hosts various events, such as bowling parties and professional and amateur tournaments; it can also be leased for corporate parties, team building events and celebrations. Bowland has its own menu and beverage list; everything is prepared in the affiliated Lobster Restaurant (Lobster and Bowland are interconnected).

Discount 15 %

Raft trips with Travelagency Peřej tours

Raft trips through Olomouc and the Litovel Morava River Basin Protected Landscape Area offer unusual experiences. You can choose from a great number of possibilities and combinations. For details, go to Rafts must be booked at least 1 days in advance, a minimum of 3 people required.

Discount 20 %

Svatováclavský (St. Wenceslas) Beer Spa

The beer bath and salt sauna, offering beer tasting and massages in the pleasant environment of a beer spa set in local cellars, form a soothing procedure that will relax your whole body and soul, leaving a blissful feeling after a pleasantly spent time you have managed to find for yourself. We look forward to your visit; the spa is here for you and your relaxation.

Discount 10 %

Solana – salt cave, Olomouc

This salt cave offers relaxation and health visits in a facility with salt from the Dead Sea, Himalayan salt crystals, iodine-bromide salt from Poland, and salt water from Luhačovice, all of which offer significant preventative and regenerative effects. Please call in advance for reservations.

Discount 10 %

Arktic Casual Food

ARKTIC CF is the first fast food venue in Olomouc offering the best authentic burgers, subs, and salads based on the customer’s wishes and made from fresh ingredients locally supplied every day. The entire premises offer a free Wi-Fi connection. For free delivery call +420 585 222 223 or at The cheeseburger only menu cost CZK 99.

10 % discount

Arktic Music Club

The Arktic MC is the first truly multi-genre club in Olomouc. The club is for people aged 18 and above and is non-smoking. Open daily from 6pm * sports broadcasts * film screenings with free popcorn * live talk shows and stand up comedy * music and theatre performances * karaoke * gourmet dinners * weekend parties and theme parties with live DJs * ideal premises for your birthday parties and corporate events.


Taking photos and guiding around Olomouc

Take beautiful and tangible evidence of your visit to Olomouc back home. Olomouc is full of lovely ancient nooks, around which you will be shown by someone who is a professional photographer and certified guide at the same time, who will be taking professional photos of you all along. The photos will then be made into a CD, printed photos, a calendar or a photo book. The guiding comes free of charge. Photo price by agreement.

Discount 10 %

Hotel Hanácký dvůr***, Olomouc

The stylish non-smoking restaurant on the way to Svatý Kopeček offers a wide selection of Moravian specialities and home cooking. Draught non-pasteurized Bernard beer and Moravian wines are available. Pleasant outdoor seating is provided in the summer garden, and the restaurant offers a free Wi-Fi connection.

Discount 10 %

Moravian restaurant and wineroom

Period style air-conditioned restaurant in the centre of Olomouc offering Moravian and international cuisines. Wide selection of high-quality Moravian wines. Pleasant outdoor seating on a terrace in summer.

Discount 10 %

Svatováclavský Brewery, Olomouc

The heart of the brewery is a copper brewing vessel, where guests can watch beer being produced. Beer is served directly from the lagering tanks. We offer seven types of beer, home cooking, specialities prepared from local ‘tvarůžky’ cheese and beer, steaks, Illy espresso, Moravian wine and a Wi-Fi connection. Smoking in the brewery premises is forbidden. Pleasant outdoor seating in a beer garden in the summer.

Discount 10 %

Restaurant, Penzion Fojtství, Sv. Kopeček

A restaurant and guest-house in the historical building of Fojtství dating back to 1744, is only a few minutes’ walk from the Olomouc Zoo and the Basilica of the Visitation of the Virgin Mary. Situated in a large garden, a quiet location.

Discount 10 %

Rent and sale of scooters

Rent a scooter in our shop and make a trip with your friends or family together. You will get to know the unusual experience of riding a scooter.

20% discount on rent

Ecce Homo Park

The Ecce Homo Park offers various experiences including the striking Hall of Fame, a historical overview of all the Ecce Homo races, cars and records or the option to take part in a real race. There is also a children’s playground with a mini car service centre and the smart Gecco playset. A racing track for children.


Lobster – family restaurant

A family restaurant with a playground, offering high-quality food. You can try fresh fish specialities, lobster, Italian stone-oven-baked pizza, great home-made pasta and mature meat. We also offer a special children’s menu. The restaurant has an outdoor terrace.

Discount 10 %

Cafe – Restaurant, Pizzeria Opera, Olomouc

This modern cafe is located directly on Upper Square and offers a wide variety of desserts, coffees, and Italian cuisine. The cafe features summer terraces and a children’s play area. We offer to organise social events, weddings, and corporate presentations.

Discount 10 %

Podkova Restaurant, Olomouc

This restaurant provides a unique experience. A restaurant in a historical building with a private parking lot, excellent cuisine, friendly service, Pilsner Urquell beer and top Moravian wines. Ideal for company and private events, weddings and larger groups. Tasting menu. The discount does not apply to the lunch menu (from CZK 105).

Discount 10 %

Arigone Hotel*** & Pension****, Olomouc

Located in the stunning historical city centre, the Arigone complex has a total of 59 rooms. The facility includes a three-star hotel, a four-star design guesthouse, private wellness rooms, a massage studio and conference spaces.

Discount 10 %

Archa Restaurant and Guesthouse, Olomouc

The Archa restaurant and guest-house is in Svatý Kopeček outside Olomouc, next to the zoo. It is ideal for weddings, corporate events, family celebrations, and culinary events. We provide catering, receptions, seminars, and lounge rentals. In addition, we offer accommodation in stylish rooms. Discount on food (10 %) and accommodation (10 %).

Discount 10 % and 10 %

Hotel Alley****, Olomouc

A comfortable hotel with a family atmosphere in a quiet part of the historical city centre, near the entrance to a park. Rated 4*, it meets all the conditions for this accommodation category. The discount applies to accommodation from Monday to Sunday.

Discount 10 %

Hotel Flora*** Olomouc

A modern, renovated three-star/four-star hotel with 165 rooms and a wellness centre (steam bath, sauna, solar meadow, whirlpool, swimming pool). The hotel is conveniently located next to the city parks, a mere fi ve-minute walk from the city centre. The hotel specializes in congress and wellness tourism. A 20 % discount on accommodation (the Comfort Plus**** and Superior**** categories). A 20 % discount in the restaurant.

Discount 20%, 20 %

Hotel TRINITY****, Olomouc

Hotel Trinity offers comfortable accommodation and services in the very centre of Olomouc. All rooms are furnished with individual heating and A/C control, an LCD TV with satellite reception, a safe, mini-bar and a Wi-Fi connection. De luxe and Suite rooms are more spacious with the possibility of an extra bed. The restaurant with a summer garden prepares rich breakfasts and its popular lunch menu; we organise larger family or corporate events to suit your needs. We offer the advantage of a prime location, private parking, conference lounges and a massage studio.

Discount 10 %

Hotel Lafayette****, Olomouc

Hotel Lafayette offers first-rate accommodations and outstanding hotel services. Attesting to this are visits by well-known personalities from the world of politics, culture, and sports. All of our guests receive our standard, highly-attentive treatment. The hotel is located near the centre of the town.

Discount 10 %

Hotel Senimo***, Olomouc

A newly renovated hotel offering high quality accommodation and dining, famous for its lunch menu. The rooms have standard furnishings (including an internet connection; rooms on the 2nd floor have air conditioning). There is a secured car park.The discount applies to accommodation from Monday to Sunday.

Discount 20 %

Hotel Sigma***, Olomouc

Hotel in the centre of Olomouc opposite the main railway station offers guests accommodations in suites and newly furnished rooms.

Discount 10 %

Pension U Jakuba***, Olomouc

Deluxe accommodations and quality service directly in the historic centre of Olomouc.

Discount 10 %

Crystal gallery - Shop, Olomouc

We offer hand-ground crystal and patented glass files made by J. Blažek Sklo Poděbrady, Preciosa crystal costume jewellery, Bohemian garnet jewellery, Liglas, Czech hand-made jewellery, including a new collection designed by Jan Saudek.

Discount 10 %

Bouzov Castle

One of the most frequently visited castles in the Czech Republic. Its oldest written reference dates back to 1317. The castle’s interiors offer collections of period furniture and utility art of all stylistic periods. The price covers Route: Castle Bouzov introduces itself¨; other tours on offer for a supplementary fee.


Helfštýn Castle

The castle was founded at the beginning of the 14th century. Its extensive grounds are situated on a rocky hill above the town of Lipník nad Bečvou. Exhibitions and displays feature artistic metalwork at the forge. The discount is not applicable to the following events.


Šternberk Monastery

The Šternberk Monastery is the largest historical building in Šternberk. It houses art from the Gothic period to the present. The tour also takes visitors through the monastery cellars and the church, with one of the largest fresco paintings in the Czech Republic. The tour is complemented by demonstrations of various musical instruments and a theatre performance with historical puppets.


Geological Time Spiral, Jesenik


Nature House in Litovelské Pomoraví

The Nature House in Litovelské Pomoraví presents the unique landscape of floodplain forests along the Morava River. The open-air exhibition combines nature with the work of leading Czech artists. The extensive grounds offer many quiet nooks and crannies, innovative playground elements and relaxing seating areas forming a unique nature gallery.

10% discount for entry

Šternberk Castle

The core of the castle is medieval; at the end of the 19th century was rebuilt; unique collections from former family museums and rich furnishings. The Olomouc region Card is valid only on the 1st route entitled the ‘Liechtenstein Collec- tion’. Visitors pay only an extra charge when purchasing the 1st and 2nd routes at the same time. The Card is not valid for the exhibit, events and special tours.


Čechy pod Kosířem Chateau

The classicist château and park, which is one of the most valuable historical gardens in Moravia, are linked to the aristocratic house of Silva-Tarouca as well as the painter Josef Mánes. Visitors with the ORC card have free access to the château exhibition, the Museum of the Films of Zdeněk and Jan Svěrák and to the Historical Bicycles exhibit from the collections of the Regional Museum in Olomouc. The last tour begins one hour before closing time.


Náměšť na Hané Chateau

The chateau boasts splendid interiors and a unique collection of Meissen china, Visitors of the château can admire two fully equipped carriages of the Olomouc archbishops. The chateau houses a collection of children’s historical prams. The price covers Route A; other tours available for a supplementary fee.


Makeover Photo Studio Ing. Jana Berková

The owner, a professional photographer and make-up artist, invites you to the studio with views of Olomouc from the 12th floor of the building. The studio offers traditional and unique make-up and photo services. For details, visit the studio’s website. The studio specializes in artistic photography of women. Photography with make-up and retouching. Services are tailored to meet the wishes of the customer. Liven up your visit to Olomouc with a unique experience.

Discount 10 %

Plumlov Chateau

The monumental building was built in 1680-1688 by Jan Adam of Lichtenstein. Three distinct tours are offered to the public on all floors of the chateau, including two cellar levels and the attic. The third tour is unique in that it takes visitors to the unfinished part of the chateau.


Riegrovka Microbrewery

A microbrewery located in the heart of Olomouc, Riegrova Street 22. You can watch the brewing and fermentation of beer through a window in the fl oor. We off er various dishes that go well with beer, traditional dishes or quick meals.

10% discount

Tovačov Chateau

The dominant feature of the town and its surroundings is the castle’s 96-metre Graceful Tower. Its top offers a beautiful view of the surrounding countryside. It is possible to see part of the castle’s interior, for example the staircase designed in the style of the Vienna Opera or the castle chapel with early Baroque stucco. The discount applies to the château admission and to the observation tower.


Archbishop’s Castle, Kroměříž - UNESCO

The Archbishop‘s Castle in Kroměříž is a unique monument inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. With the Olomouc Region Card, visitors get FREE access to the Sala Terrena, a unique work of art that connects the château with the Palace Garden and consists of fi ve richly decorated rooms. It also includes FREE access to the Château Gallery with the second most important collection in the country featuring the works of Titian, Lucas Cra- nach the Elder, Anthony van Dyck and others.


Bystřice pod Hostýnem Chateau

A chateau built in several architecture styles, from Renaissance to Classicism. Take the architectural and historical tour of the chateau’s Classicist part.


Chropyně Chateau

The building was originally a hunting lodge for the Olomouc bishops. The chateau’s Hall of Knights has a rich collection of weapons from the Thirty Years’ War, while Ječmínek Hall commemorates the well-known legend of the king from the local Haná region. The chateau also features memorials to the painter Emil Filla, a Chropyně native, and to composer Emil Axman. From May, the exhibit Necklace of Time: Nature Shaped by Man with a creative workshop for children.


Moravská Třebová Chateau

Renaissance architecture of the Moravská Třebová Chateau the greatest attractions include the new interactive exhibition entitled “Alchemy Laboratory of Doctor Bonaciny” in the castle tower, and the “Middle-Ages Torture Chamber” in the Late Gothic cellar of the former castle. All four tours are covered by the price. During the summer holidays, there is a night tour of the castle on selected Saturdays. New – the “Colourful Planet” exhibition focused on the geology and mining history of the region.


Firefighters’ Museum Čechy p. Kosířem

The museum features expositions dedicated to the history and development of the fire-fighting movement and equipment from 1820 to the first half of the 20th century.


Town Museum and Gallery, Hranice n.M.

Modern art by famous artists is on display at the Synagogue Gallery. Attractive exhibits from the Hranice region are open to visitors of all ages in the exhibition halls of the Old Town Hall. The Museum in the château offers an exhibit featuring a model of the historical town centre and a exhibit of historical weapons.


Memorial Hall of Petr Bezruč, Kostelec n.H.

The “red house” contains Petr Bezruč’s study with his desk, bookcase, personal things, and other objects of interest. In addition, there are selections from his work and photographs mapping the poet’s life. The garden with a preserved gazebo where the poet liked to spend his time is also open to public.


Lipník n. Bečvou - Guided tours of the city

On a guided tour you will discover points of interest within the town’s heritage zone, visiting sights that are not usually accessible (belfry, former synagogue). The tour also includes the unique garden roof and Jewish cemeteries. Free tour; Olomouc region card holders will receive a GIFT.


Town Museum Litovel

Permanent exhibitions: Litovel crafts, Gustav Frištenský and From Mechanical Music Boxes to the Modern Gramophone. Temporary exhibitions.


Konice Chateau

There will be acquainted with many crafts, which have a long tradition in Konice region, such as grain milling, blacksmithing, brewing, tailoring, and many others. The exhibition includes the largest collection of axes in the Czech Republic (entered in the Guinness Book of World Records) and a permanent exhibition of audiovisual equipment, fonts and images. In front of the château, you can admire the largest broadaxe in the Czech republic.


Litovel Town Hall tower – tour

The tallest town hall tower in the Czech or Slovak Republics is built over the river and is 65 metres high. Lookout from the town hall tower with view of Litovelské Pomoraví (river basin area) and town centre. Also visible are the Úsov Chateau, Šternberk, and the surrounding areas. A minimum of 3 people.


Museum of Olomouc Tvarůžky Cheese

The new Museum of Olomoucke tvaruzky, ceremonially opened on June 26th 2014, provides wheelchair access. Individual tours are an option tailored to the visitors’ interest and time possibilities. The Museum presents a historical overview of this cheese since its very beginnings up to the present day in its modern expositions. The tour lasts about an hour.


Adolf Kašpar Memorial

The monument is situated in the house where A. Kašpar, painter and illustrator, lived from 1911 to 1934. There is an exposition of the life and work of A. Kašpar and a permanent exposition of the history of the town of Loštice. The newly opened exhibit “The Beauty of Loštice Cups”. Temporary exhibitions are held in the exhibition rooms.


Mohelnice Town Museum

The Museum of Mohelnice is located in the building of a former rectory. The archaeological exhibit entitled Prehistoric Mohelnice opened in 2013 with videos on a large screen and a room with interactive exhibits.


Public Planetarium Prostějov

The Prostějov Observatory, the only public observatory in the Olomouc Region, is located in the middle of the Kolář Park in the western part of the city. It offers daytime and nighttime observations with telescopes, regular lectures, educational programmes for schools, and more.


Šatlava (Manor Jail) – the penal museum

Established in the early 17th century, the Uničov manor jail offers a tour of the preserved town jail, which has remained in operation until 1945. You can learn more about the evolution of law in Uničov and see the torture instruments and the preserved paintings and inscriptions in the cells, through which former prisoners communicate across the abyss of the bygone ages.


Prostějov Region Museum

The museum and gallery off er several permanent exhibitions and many temporary ones. The main building of the museum houses an interactive archaeological exhibition and permanent exhibitions of the Middle Ages and modern period in Prostějov, clocks and watches, Jiří Wolker, plastic modelling and the world-renowned Prostějov manufacturer, Kovozávody Prostějov. The new permanent geology (Stone Speaks) and ethnography (A Haná Room) exhibits were opened in 2017.


Town Hall tower – tour, Uničov

Originally, the town hall was but a market house for unloading foreign goods. In the north-east corner there is a tower rising up to 45 metres. In the 17th century, the town hall was extended by a chapel and in the 19th century it was remodelled in the Neo-Renaissance style. Today the building houses the municipal authorities. Tours available for groups of at least 3 persons; binocular rental. Groups of at least 10 people may be admitted outside designated hours – call 585 054 880, 603 996 312 or inquire in person at the information centre. There is an archeological exhibition on the prehistory of the Uničov region in the tower.


Folk architecture in Příkazy


Museum exhibition hall – Špalíček, Prostějov

The Špalíček Museum Gallery puts on many interesting temporary exhibitions with a variety of interesting supporting programmes throughout the year. Visitors can also see permanent exhibitions of the Jewish settlement in Prostějov and the philosopher Edmund Husserl, a world-famous Prostějov native, there. The only museum café in the Olomouc Region, was opened on the ground fl oor of the building in June 2017.


Distillery u Zeleného Stromu, Prostějov

The Distillery U Zeleného Stromu offers tours for visitors who would like to view the production of spirits, the filling line, and learn more interesting facts in the company’s historical exhibits. Visitors can also tour the cellars where hundreds of thousands of litres of fine spirits are aged. Tour groups must have a minimum of 4 individuals. Tours begin every hour on the hour.


Drahany Highlands Museum


Comenius Museum, Přerov

The oldest museum in the world is focused on the life and work of J. A. Comenius is situated in a Renaissance château. Twelve permanent exhibitions as well as short-term exhibitions may be visited. Permanent expositions: ethnography, entomology, mineralogy, archaeology, Memorial of J. A. Komenský, reconstruction of school classrooms, mystery of bell tones and many others.


Haná Open-Air Museum in Příkazy

You have the possibility to look into the past to see how the people in the Haná Region used to live. The rich set of collections consists, of for example of an inventory of craft components and tools, a collection of children’s toys and a log barn with clay mortar from the 19th century The last tour begins 1 hour before closing.


Museum U Vodní branky, Uničov

The former municipal armoury (a Renaissance construction from 1575 to 1585, remarkable from the architectural viewpoint) now serves as the municipal museum with a permanent exposition focusing on the history of the royal town of Uničov.


Hotel Valdes***

Valdes Hotel is located in the centre of the Jeseníky Mountains region, very popular with skiers and tourists. It offers ten comfortably furnished rooms, free WiFi, private wellness with sauna and a whirlpool, a lounge with a children’s corner, outdoor seating and monitored parking. Our guests can choose from a rich breakfast buffet. The discount does not apply to packages and last-minute deals.

10% discount for accomodation

Velké Těšany Windmill

The timber, two-storey German-type tower windmill from the first half of the nineteenth century documents the earlier manufacturing techniques of our ancestors. An important technical monument with an exhibit on milling technology.


Bishop’s mint


Kroměříž Regional Museum and Arcade Gallery

The museum is located in house no 38 in the original renaissance building with has arches and a portal which was built in 1609 by cardinal František of Dietrischstein in a proto-baroque style from two houses with a rich history (1636 – 1643 – Jesuit seminary, then a noble capitular house of bishop’s administrative).


Archbishops’ Castle cellars – tour

The cellars are part of the Archbishops’ Castle in Kroměříž; divided into the Upper and Lower cellars, they are located at a depth of 6.5 metres and are 1,030 metres long. The temperature in the cellars is between 9 °C and 11 °C throughout the entire year. Wine production here dates back 735 years. The discount applies to guided cellar tours with wine tastings. For a minimum of 5 people.

Discount -20 %

Bystřice pod Hostýnem Museum

Town Museum features an exhibition of ceramics the 18th and 19th century, statues by Oldřich Drahotušský, and František Táborský’s study room.


Museum at Svatý Hostýn

It is located in the unique Jurkovič Hall within the pilgrimage buildings. Its exhibits describe the historical development of Hostýn and present the natural items, flora and fauna of the Hostýn Hills. State-of-art audiovisual equipment available.


Observation Tower at Svatý Hostýn

Emperor and King Franz Josef I laid the foundation stone of the observation tower in 1897. The structure attracts huge numbers of pilgrims and tourists because it offers a stunning view in all directions of the wide surroundings. At present, the tower is approximately 15 m high; underneath is the St. Cross Chapel.


Rymice Folk architecture

Folk buildings in eastern Haná. Seven buildings of vernacular architecture from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, some with thatched roofs. Historic residential and craft interiors with equipment, a forge, saddler‘s workshop and a windmill.


Moravská Třebová Town Museum

An Egyptian Princess’ Museum, or Around the World, is a permanent exhibition of the Holzmaister non-European collections, which is dominated by a double coffin with the mummy of a young woman named Hereret. Reinstalled in 2012, the exhibition now contains for example a reconstruction of Hereret’s face recreated based on scientific research.


Mladějov Industrial Museum

Mladějov na Moravě is home to an exhibit of rail, road, agricultural and construction machinery. On display are unique historic ‘semi-tender’ steam locomotives built in 1920 and 1929, which take visitors for rides on the narrow-gauge railway at selected times.

Discount 50 %

Arboretum Bílá Lhota

Former palace park founded around 1700; since 1966, administered by the Museum of History and Geography in Olomouc. Today there are approximately 300 kinds of broadleaf and coniferous species, both domestic and exotic.


Mladeč Caves

An important archaeological and paleontological site. The caves are composed of a labyrinth of corridors and cathedrals with stalagmite and stalactite formations. Bones of extinct vertebrates and numerous human skeletons from the Early Stone Age have been found at the site.

Discount 20-50 %

Javoříčko Caves

A nearly one kilometre-long labyrinth of publicly accessible corridors and cathedrals featuring the richest and most massive stalagmite and stalactite formations – from eccentric formations, translucent stone curtains, large sinter cascades, to tall pagoda stalagmites. Especially impressive are the huge spaces of Detritus Cave and the Cave of Giants. Two tour routes.

Discount 15-50 %

Zbrašov Aragonite Caves

The caves are unique on a European scale and feature carbon dioxide “lakes.” These were created in part by underground thermal water. Remarkable formations are composed of the mineral aragonite, and the site also features geyser stalagmites and walls with spherical incrustations known as doughnuts.

Discount 27-50 %

Health Centre Bohuňovice

Swimming pool, pool of attractions, warm whirlpool, small pool for the smallest children, 100 m toboggan with a landing pool, fitness centre, sauna with an outdoor pool, steam room and solarium.

Discount 25 %

Bouzov Relax park

Entertainment, sport and adrenalin for children, youth and adults in the beautiful surroundings of Bouzov Castle. Go-carts and scooters (ride down the hill on your own – we’ll take you back up), a giant trampoline, playground, rope slide, orienteering, refreshment.

Discount 10 %


Come and enjoy the beauty of golf in Olomouc, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2018. Olomouc region Card holders receive one free token for a bucket of 40 range balls and free admission to all of the training areas.


Radkova Lhota Riding Centre

The popular riding stables of Radkova Lhota are located in the foothills of Hostýn Peaks. The discount applies to instructional rides for beginner and intermediate students, courses for school trips, pleasure rides on horses, ski rides pulled by horses, instructional rides (gait, trot, canter, and light jumps).

Discount 20-30 %

Hlubočky Fun Park

Probably everyone knows the Hummer H2, a classic boxy off-road vehicle, which is waiting here for you. Now you have the opportunity to try and drive through extreme terrain on a prepared terrain polygon. The park rents fourwheelers and off-road go-carts - a wonderful summer attraction for children and adults. The Bikepark has obstacles in the form of ramps, drops, dirt jumps, bridges, wallrides, gaps, and swings. Dominated by a tower with a slide and a climbing ramp, the playground has walls with a climbing net, a sandpit, and a swing. The restaurant, with a pizzeria and a summer terrace, is open daily except for Mondays.

Discount 11 %

Hunting lodge – outdoor activities

A quaint popular hunting lodge on the border of the Litovel Morava River Protected Territory. An ideal location for relaxation stays for adults and children. A large selection of programmes: horses, a covered riding facility, outdoor adrenaline activities. Hunting events, hiking, fishing. The discount applies to all accompanying programmes.

Discount 20 %

Water Park and Swimming Pool Hranice

Twenty five metre swimming pool, relaxation pool with attractions, children’s pool, 101 m water slide with splash pool, whirlpool, steam cabin. Sauna: Finish sauna, two steam cabin aromas, leg massage. Massage, fast food. Renovated outdoor pool.

Discount 20 %

Bowling a Music Bar, Lipník n.B.

The bowling and music bar ensures relaxation and fun; you can play from Tuesday to Sunday on 4 professional bowling lanes. Disco every Friday and Saturday. 1 free hour of bowling for players accommodated at our guesthouse.

Discount 15 %

Bobsled track - Hrubá Voda

The bobsled track at the Hrubá Voda Sport Park is one of the most modern bobsled tracks. It is 851 metres long, rugged, fun, fast and safe, and offers an elevation of 52 metres. 1 FREE ride for each Olomouc Region Card.


Fort Science

An interactive science museum that presents the natural and social sciences in a playful and entertaining manner. Visitors can walk through a model of the brain, encounter over-life-size aquatic animals, try out giant puzzles and explore space in the planetarium.

20% Discount

Nordic walking Olomouc

Nordic walking with NW poles. Engage 90% of your body muscles in the forests of Svatý Kopeček. Use the Trail for NW. Newly opened pole rentals – Hospůdka U Maci, K Hájence 238/14, 779 00 Olomouc.

20% Discount

RIDE ON scooter rentals

Rent a scooter and go and discover the beauty of the Haná region. We also offer organised trips and fitness scooter rides in Olomouc and the surrounding areas.

15% discount for rental

DiscGolf Hrubá Voda

The Hrubá Voda Disc Golf Park is located in the Hrubá Voda Resort near Olomouc. The resort is focused on family activities, and therefore the holes have been designed in the family concept. There is 1 free admission for each Card.


Trampolines Hrubá Voda

In addition to a bobsled, the Hrubá Voda Resort offers disc golf, trampolines, archery, mini golf, the Chamois Treetop Pathway, educational trails, a private wellness centre, and a sauna world with the Sauna Arena, and refreshments in the local restaurant. A 50% discount applies to the purchase of a trampoline pass.

Discount 50%

Karting aréna

Maranello Racing Kart arena. Public go-kart track for all comes, with a concrete surface, electronic timer and night-time illumination. This large facility features 22 go-carts and several performance categories which will meet the need of every driver, from beginners to racers.

Discount 10-20 %

Artificial Climbing Wall, Litovel

Outdoor artificial climbing wall. A pair of towers, 10 and 11 metres tall, respectively, connected by a bridge. Both the towers and the bridge are provided with an artificial climbing surface and artificial handholds. The wall is located within the premises of a public campsite.

Discount 50 %

BUFUR boat rentals, Medlov

Rental of boats and all types of water equipment, transport by boat to the site and back. Option to be accompanied by an experienced instructor. Equipment for via ferrata (secure routes), canyoning, aquazorbing is also available, as well as jumping shoes and so on.

Discount 15 %

Water Park Koupelky, Prostějov

The outdoor water park offers 2 giant water slides, 2 standard slides, a wave machine, children’s pool, miniature golf, sports field, and a playground. The water park is located in Prostějov – Krasice and is accessible by public transport (lines 4, 41, and 74). A large-capacity parking lot in Annenská Street (St. Anna’s) is also available.

Discount 20 %

Dropzone Prostějov – tandem sky diving

This professional parachuting centre offers tandem parachute jumps for the public, as well as parachuting courses and observation flights over Prostějov and Olomouc. Ideal destination for a family trip. There is a restaurant within the premises with a view of the landing parachutists.

Discount 10 %

Thermal park THERME LOSINY

Our thermal park is the only one of its kind in the Czech Republic.Come and try out our 9 thermal pools and water attractions. Indulge your body with professional massages. Boost your immunity with three types of sauna.

10% discount for entry

Climbing Wall, Prostějov

Climbing wall with an area of 170 m² offers 50 trails for beginners and advanced climbers. The rental price includes climbing equipment and expert supervision.

Discount 50 %

Town Spa, Prostějov

It offers a 25 m indoor swimming pool, solarium, classic sauna, infrared sauna, and other services, such as massages, cosmetics, hairdresser, and gym. The premises include a pleasant restaurant. Located in the centre of Prostějov, directly at the crossroads of Plumlovská Street and the town ringroad. MHD. Public transport from right outside the town spa. The discount applies only to the swimming pool.

Discount 20 %

The Hotel Tennis Club Sports Centre, Prostějov

The Tennis Club Hotel Sports Centre is frequently visited by the biggest stars of Czech tennis. Besides outdoor and indoor tennis courts, including its famous central court, it offers badminton, squash, fitness, bowling and a relaxation zone with a sauna, steam bath and a swimming pool.

Discount 20 %

Baldovec Campsite

Located on the outskirts of Moravský kras in the picturesque Bíla voda river valley. We offer year-round accommodation, a restaurant with a terrace, an adventure park featuring a rope centre and a climbing tower. In addition, there is also a newly-built wellness centre (water world, salt cave, massage) and 2 multipurpose tennis courts. The discount applies to accompanying programs.

Discount 10 %

Teplice nad Bečvou Spa

A complex set of bathhouses in the picturesque landscape along the River Bečva. Enjoy a remarkable experience of spa treatments or therapeutic/relaxation/wellness stays. Try our ice room, Nordic Walking, bowling, cafés and restaurants. The discount applies to spa treatments and stays (cannot be combined with other discounts or applied through an intermediary).

Discount 10 %

SALTIKA salt cave, Teplice nad Bečvou

The salt microclimatic cave Saltika in Lázně Teplice nad Bečvou offers procedures with a combination of salt from the Dead Sea, Himalayan salt crystals, iodine-bromide salt from Poland, and salt water from Luhačovice, all of which offer significant preventative and regenerative effects. Please call in advance for reservations.

Discount 10 %

Bajda Sports Centre, Kroměříž

A summer sports centre with a swimming pool located a short distance from the centre of Kroměříž. The facility includes a 50 m pool, a children’s pool, a wading pool, and courts for volleyball, beach volleyball, and petanque. Refreshments are available and the centre offers sports equipment rentals.

Discount 20 %

Moravská Třebová Water Park

aqua park with heated water offers guests many possibilities for leisure and active relaxation. Features include chutes, slides, spouts, underwater massage benches, and a multi-layer wading pool. The aqua park is part of a large sports complex featuring tennis courts, an icehockey stadium, , football stadium and a restaurant.

Discount 20 %

Restaurant Na Nové, Drahanovice

Pleasant restaurant offering excellent meals.

Discount 10 %

Restaurant Vodní meloun (Watermelon)

A fine restaurant in the centre of Kroměříž offering a wide selection of dishes, including chicken and beef, pasta, and vegetable salads. Also available are a large choice of pizza and drinks. The discount applies to the restaurant.

Discount 10 %

Hotel Helios, Lipová-lázně

A newly expanded wellness complex in the Jeseníky Mountains. Thanks to its location, it is an ideal place for recreational and sporting stays as well as corporate events. The hotel off ers year-round accommodation in rooms and suites, a large restaurant with two lounges and an outdoor terrace, an extensive wellness centre with a private balneo zone, conference facilities, leisure activities and a large hotel garden.

Discount 10% - accommodation

Chateau Cafe, Plumlov

The café offers more than 50 kinds of coffee, sundaes, hot raspberries with vanilla ice-cream, and many more delicacies. The pleasant atmosphere is enhanced by sales of natural cosmetics from hemp, lavender and other herbs, original ceramics and other handicrafts. The café is located in the chateau courtyard.

Discount 10 %

Restaurant Pod Žudrem, Ústín

A special feature offered by this restaurant is the preparation of meals on a grill directly before the guests. Pleasant service and excellent meals.

Discount 10 %

Restaurant U Dvou císařů, Uničov

The cosy interior of the restaurant reminds us of the encounter of Emperor Joseph II with the Prussian King, Fridrich II. Our guests are offered traditional Czech cuisine enriched with local specialties. At lunchtime, the permanent menu is complemented by a menu of quick meals.

Discount 10 %

Tourist Hostel Drahany

The tourist hostel is located near the pond behind the Town Office. The facility offers double rooms in the summer and winter seasons, with the possibility of additional beds. Rest rooms and bathrooms are shared, and the hostel can hold up to 33 guests.

Discount 11%

Hotel Centrum***, Hranice n.M.

Welcome to a attractive hotel in the town centre, with private parking, TV, minibar, free Internet connections, and buffet breakfasts Pets are welcome. The discount applies to accommodations and the restaurant.

Discount 10 %

Guesthouse U zámecké zahrady***

Our guesthouse has 12 rooms, 2 suites, and 1 barrier-free room. All have their own bathroom, TV, and Internet access. The guesthouse includes a restaurant with a private dining room with a 50-seat capacity. Other services: wine cellar, bowling lanes, and a centre for traditional Chinese medicine with massage. 10 % discount on food and 15 % on accommodation.

Discount 10-15 %

Hotel Jana****, Přerov

The JANA Hotel offers 93 rooms, 10 conference rooms with a total capacity of 1,000 people, a restaurant, a winter garden and summer terrace, a wellness centre, bowling, and billiards.

Discount 10 %

Hotel m***, Šternberk

The hotel is situated in the town centre and its restaurant, snack bar and terrace offer a pleasant atmosphere. The discount applies to meals and accommodation.

Discount 10 %

Guesthouse U Zlatého muflona

A family-type guesthouse and restaurant situated in the breathtaking environs of the Šternberk forests. The restaurant offers a fish and game menu. Regular offer of ethnic cuisine, to-order and ready-to-serve meals. The discount applies to accommodations and the restaurant.

Discount 10-15 %

Hotel Bouček****, Kroměříž

This pleasant hotel located a few steps from the castle in the historic centre offers accommodations in rooms with private bathrooms, standard and luxury suites, and high quality hotel services. The restaurant offers a pleasant environment. The discount applies to accommodations.

Discount 10 %

Excalibur Theme Restaurant, Mor. Třebová

The Excalibur Restaurant is located in the historical city centre, within the pedestrian zone of Cihlářova street, 80 meters from the square. A new open-air restaurant with a playground. It exudes a pleasant atmosphere in a modern and stylistically pure environment. We accentuate lightness, simplicity, and harmony both in terms of the interior and the flavour of our dishes, which are always made from fresh and high quality ingredients.

Discount 10 %

Hotel Valáškův grunt***, Bouzov

The hotel is situated 3 km from the castle of Bouzov, found in the beautiful Moravian countryside. The hotel’s capacity is 65 beds. Various leisure activities are offered – a playground, swimming pool, Russian ninepins, table tennis, garden chess and petanque. Guests will find a pleasant atmosphere for family celebrations, wedding receptions and company events. The discount applies to accommodation only.

Discount 10 %

Hunting lodge, Horka n.M.

A quaint popular hunting lodge in a serene setting on the border of the Litovel Morava River Protected Territory. An ideal location for relaxation stays with friends and quiet weekends or holidays for families with children. The lodge is located near Olomouc and is easily accessible by public transportation and bike. The discount applies to accommodations.

Discount 20 %

Auto Camp, Šternberk-Dolní Žleb

The camp is situated in the forest valley of the Sitka River at the foothills of the Nízký Jeseník Mountain Range; it features a natural swimming pool, hiking trails, monuments and a quiet atmosphere. A discount of 10 % is provided to Olomouc region Card holders staying for 3 or more nights.

Discount 10 %

Hotel Tennis Club***, Prostějov

World-renowned hotel and sports complex offering an exclusive combination of a five-story hotel with a sports centre, made famous by the best Czech tennis players as the venue of the annual Czech Open. The hotel also offers variable conference rooms and lounges.

Discount 20 %

Hotel Zámek***

The Zámek Hotel underwent extensive renovations in 2014 to be able to continue in its proud tradition. It offers accommodation in 20 rooms and an apartment, a restaurant and large lounges and meeting rooms. The Zámek Hotel is a popular venue for weddings and receptions. It is located only 7 km from Olomouc.

Discount 20 %

Guesthouse Excellent, Kroměříž

The pension located in the historic centre of the city offers twelve luxuriously furnished rooms with bathrooms. Internet and parking are free of charge. The pension also features a sauna, wine cellar, taxi service and a tourist minibus, a fine restaurant, and a summer garden. The discount applies to accommodations.

Discount 10 %

Janský Vrch Chateau, Javorník

This chateau from the first half of the 14th century used to form part of the episcopate of Vratislav. From the very beginning of its existence it has been a centre for cultural and social events in the region. It is known due to its interesting collection of smoking pipes. The price covers Route I. "Representation".


Chateau, Hunting – Forestry Museum Úsov

In 2017, the renovated part of our game and hunting exhibit on the second floor of the château was opened. The individual displays are accompanied by audiovisual and interactive elements. The exhibit tour is no longer guided and visitors are now offered individual and active access. The exhibition on the first floor, dedicated to hunting trophies from the Liechtenstein expeditions to Africa and Asia, houses exhibits over 100 years old. The interactive exhibitions in the château courtyard – the Puzzles of the Lords of Vlašim and the Haunted Labyrinth and a Medieval Journey – have been designed especially for children.


Brewing Museum

The exhibition maps the brewing history of the Hanušovice region from its origins in 1874 until the present. It includes parchment charters of brewing rights, ancient craft instruments, and raw materials. On ground floor below the museum, you will find a restaurant offering delicious pure beer from the mountains and stylish cuisine. We also offer tours of the brewery.


Velké Losiny Chateau

The Late Renaissance chateau from the late sixteenth century was built under Jan the Younger of Žerotín. The chateau, including the library, features original furnishings. Noteworthy are collections of leather and textile wall hangings, tapestries, sledges and a two-seater stretcher. The last tour begins one hour before closing time.


Museum of the Pre-war Czechoslovak Fortification Branná

This Museum of the Pre-war Czechoslovak Fortification is located on the Pasák (Shepherd) educational trail near the hamlet of Splav (town of Branná). A Czechoslovak army soldier in period uniform will guide you through the fully equipped light fortification. The structure of the StM-S50 heavy fortifications is also open to the public.


Town Museum Javorník

Permanent exhibits feature important personalities of the Javorník region, the history of the town, pictures painted on glass and an exhibit dedicated to Karel Ditters and an exhibition of a pharmacy – this concerns the original equipment used at St. Anthony’s pharmacy in Javorník. The building also houses an exhibit of minerals from all over the world from the private collection of Mr Jedlička.


Vincenz Priessnitz Museum, Jeseník

The museum is located in the native house of Vincenz Priessnitz, founder of the Jeseník Spa. You will find there a permanent exposition about the founder of the spa and the development of balneology in the Jeseník Region.


Kouty Forest exhibition

A pleasant walk through the Koutecký forest makes you familiar with the original settlers and their crafts, as well as mythical creatures that have lived there to the present day. The forest exposition was created by Jaroslav Pecháček using a chainsaw.


Museum of National Art and History, Jeseník

Water fortress in Jeseník, the oldest preserved building in the town, houses the Museum of History and Geography of the Region of Jeseníky. The museum has expositions in the fields of history, geology and biology, open to the public; occasional exhibitions may also be visited.


Johann Schroth Museum, Lipová-lázně

The museum dedicated to Johann Schroth, the founder of the spa in Dolní Lipová, is located in newly reconstructed House No. 476 in the town of Lipoválázně, directly below the Lipová-lázně train station. Museum exhibits present the history of the spa in the town and pre-war and post-war development.


Pumped-storage electric works Dlouhé Stráně

The largest hydroelectric works in the country with three exceptional features: the largest reverse turbine in Europe (325 MW), the largest fall in the Czech Republic (510.7 m), and the greatest energy-producing capacity at a hydroelectric works in the Czech Republic (2x 325 MW). Tours run year-round, at both the plant and the lower reservoir, and in the summer they include an excursion o the upper reservoir twice a day. The tour‘s starting point is in the Kouty ski resort.

Discount 10 %

Museum of the Czechoslovak Fortification from 1935–38, Králíky

The blockhouse is an important part of the fortification line in the Králíky region. It is also a commemorative site to remember the tragic death of Sergeant A. Hrad. Inside, it contains an exhibition of Czechoslovak fortifications, the history of Czechoslovak legions, battlefield surgery, and reconstructed interiors. Every year period battles from the Second World War are re-enacted here under the name CIHELNA (BRICKWORKS).


Technodrom Technical Museum

The Technodrom Technical Museum is the only location in the Czech Republic exhibiting historical computer technology of not so long ago. There are also exhibits of recording media, memory devices, and a “multiplatform” game room.

Discount 25 %

“U Havlíčků” agricultural skansen, Rapotín

You are cordially invited to a unique folk open-air museum. The items on display embody the spirit of the times they were used by man. Visitors can see toys, life-size moving figures, clocks, bicycles, cars as well as farming, fire-fighting and military equipment dating from the past up to the present times. For children there is a mini-safari with free roaming animals, a mini-arboretum and a children‘s fun playground with seating and a hearth. Courageous boys will enjoy climbing on T34 tank. Interesting is a gallery with wooden and marble statues.


Rýmařov Town Museum

The museum offers an overview of the historical development of the Rýmařov area, including archaeological discoveries from the 13th – 16th centuries, a geological collection, documents regarding mining from the Middle Ages up until then 20th century, and an interesting collection of silk brocades interlaced with gold and silver. The Gallery Octopus offers exhibitions by leading Czech and foreign artists. The museum includes a publicly accessible exhibition on the development of rocks of the Jeseník District at Hrádek (the place of the original local castle) and an external exhibition on the history of the textile industry in the Rýmařov District in the building of Hedva Český Brokát, s.r.o. in Opavská Street.

Discount 10 %

Hotel Černý Orel – Brewery Hotel Chocolate Factory

A cultural monument from the 15th century, thoroughly renovated in 2009 to become a complex that includes a home brewery, a Czech restaurant and accommodation with related services. Many awards, frequently visited by famous people. Certificate of Excellence and No. 1 according to TripAdvisor. The discount applies to accommodation and the chocolate factory services.

10% discount

Museum in Šumperk

The permanent exhibition entitled The Nature and History of Northwest Moravia is equipped with a fully automated audio guide, which brings the museum collections to life in four languages. The interesting exhibits include a painted Renaissance baptistery dating back to 1615 from the church in Maršíkov and the Pieta from the so-called witch’s post. A special novelty is the so-called small museum in the east wing of the museum, designed exclusively for children’s exhibitions, programmes, and activities. This area houses a room for changing nappies and breastfeeding.


Thematic walks through, Šumperk

The town of Šumperk offers three themed guided tours around the town: A Walk from the 13th to 21st Century, Where Witches Lived in Šumperk, Origins of “Small Vienna”. After you buy your tickets at the guide house in the basement of the building (accessible through the side entrance from the plague column), the starting point is the Lavička vzkazů (Bench of Messages) at nám. Míru Square, in front of the town hall.


View from the Town Hall, Šumperk

The Šumperk town hall offers a stunning view of not only the whole town but also the Hrubý Jeseník range, with the highest mountain in Moravia - Praděd. The climb up the town hall tower always starts at the guide house in the basement of the building (accessible through the side entrance from the plaque column). A telescope is available in the tower gallery.


Handmade Paper Factory – Museum of Paper, Velké Losiny

The oldest continuously working factory for handmade paper in the Czech Republic, in operation since 1596. Guided tours of the Museum of Paper and the actual factory. This national cultural monument also features a retail shop and a restaurant. The price covers Route 1.

Discount -40 %

Zábřeh Museum

The “History of the Town and its Surroundings“ permanent exposition presents the history of the town of Zábřeh from the Middle Ages until 1945. There is also the exposition of Jan Eskymo Welzl, polar explorer and writer, who is a native of Zábřeh. Short-term exhibitions are also held there.


Open-Air Gold-Digging Museum, Zlaté Hory

Gold Ore Mine & Mill – replicas of medieval mining mills with an educational trail. You will see the crushing of gold ore in two cabins, and with a bit of luck you will be able to take a little gold home with you. Both of the wooden machines, made according to contemporary drawings, are driven by water wheels that draw their energy from the original canal. Mining settlement – a cabin area composed of administrative and residential parts with demonstrations of folk crafts – a blacksmith’s shop, pottery, and loom.


Museum of Czechoslovak Fortifications from 1935–38, K-S 5

A pre-war Czechoslovak fort in a late stage of remodelling. The exhibitions show the original arms (including the fortification cannon type 36), the technical equipment of the facility, and the period gear and uniforms of the soldiers of the first Czechoslovak Republic.


Zlaté Hory Town Museum

In the Baroque building of the museum, you will find an exposition of the history of Zlaté Hory and mining, collections of minerals and ores and an example of a traditional 19th century room. In the cellar of the building you can see curiosities related to witch trials.


Biskupská Kupa Observation Tower, Zl. Hory

An 18 m high stone observation tower built in 1898 by MSSGV at an elevation of 890.6 meters above sea level. It provides a 360-degree view of Upper Silesia, from Beskydy to Krkonoše. It is the oldest observation tower and mail room in Jeseníky, offering about 30 tourist stamps and light refreshments. The discount applies only to the full admission price.

Discount 50 %

Moss Lake Rejvíz Educational Trail

The national nature preserve Rejvíz is situated in the north-east part of the Jeseníky Mountains, between the towns of Jeseník and Zlaté Hory.This part of the territory is totally different from the surrounding landscape thanks to its specific flora and fauna. The most attractive places are open to the public when following the educational trail to the large moss lake.


Na Pomezí Caves

The Na Pomezí Caves are the largest system of caves in the Czech Republic and were created in crystallized limestone – marble. The extensive three-level complex is composed of crevice corridors and tall cathedrals with interesting stalagmite and stalactite formations and sinter ponds.

Discount 27-50 %

Na Špičáku Caves

The Na Špičaku Caves are one of the oldest documented caves in Central Europe (half of the 15th century). Visitors will enjoy the unique heart-shaped profile of the corridors, the numerous historical inscriptions dating back to the 16th-19th centuries, and the Renaissance painting of the Adoration of the Cross. Entrance to the caves is barrier-free.

Discount 20-50 %

Bludov State Health Spa

A treatment centre for children and adults offering a wide range of spa procedures – thermal baths, massage, infra-red sauna, hydro-colon therapy, ozone therapy and much more. Olomouc region Card holders receive a discount on procedures. We offer a number of relaxation, wellness, detoxification, weight-loss, and other programmes. We specialise in weight loss in children and adults. Bludov Spa uses the method of spiral stabilisation for the treatment and regeneration of the spine and pre- and post-spine operation conditions – the SM System of MUDr. Richard Smíšek. Excellent results are achieved in this area.

Discount 10 %

Adrenalin Park Jeseníky

FREE and Discount 10-30 %

Bike and off-road scooter rentals, Jeseník

This rental shop and testing centre offers KTM bikes and Tretroller off-road scooters. Try the latest. We also offer top quality models for cycling tours and professional cycling.

Discount 15 %

Priessnitz Health Spa

The spa is located 2 km from the town of Jeseník. A discount may be applied to spa courses of treatment sold separately, sauna world, fitness centre and swimming pool.

Discount 10 %

SOLVITA salt cave, Jeseník

The salt microclimatic cave Solvita directly on the grounds of Priessnitz Spa offers guests procedures with a combination of salt from the Dead Sea, Himalayan salt crystals, iodine-bromide salt from Poland, and salt water from Luhačovice, all of which offer significant preventative and regenerative effects. Please call in advance for reservations.

Discount 10 %

Karlova Studánka State Health Spa

The Karlova Studánka Mountain Spa is located in the picturesque Jeseniky Mountains, with the cleanest air in Central Europe and a unique architectural style with a mountain character. You can spend an active holiday there, or enjoy the relaxation provided by Karlova Studánka. Recreational and wellness stays for two, with family or friends. Use of the pool complex with whirlpool and meals in the year-round Summer Spa Restaurant.

Discount 10 %

Dolní Lipová Spa

This is a modern climatic treatment spa with a long tradition, designed for a healthy lifestyle. The discount may be applied to the following spa courses of treatment sold separately: baths, wet packs, a broad range of massages, application of all-body wraps, and to other spa treatments taken from the current offer.

Discount 10 %

KM sport Adrenalin Centre, Loučná n.D.

The best-equipped adrenalin centre in the Czech Republic. Contests and games for visitors of all age categories. Paintball – castle, forest, playground. Archery, sling, blowpipe, cross-bow and mini cross-bow shooting, knife throwing, four-wheelers, mini four-wheelers, minibike, trampolines, climbing – rappelling, and minigolf.

Discount 10 %

Kareš Ski Centre – go-cart track, Kouty n.D.

The Kareš Ski Resort offers attractive entertainment for the entire family in the form of mountain mini-karts. Summer skiing and mountain scooters may also be tried at the resort.

Discount 10 %

Skiarea ˝Kraličák˝, Hynčice p. Sušinou

Summer ski lift operation – mountain go-carts, mountain scooters, mountainboards, grass skiing. Children’s playground with trampolines. Rent of sports equipment – petanque, badminton. The discount applies to all summer activities.

Discount 10 %

KASTE summer bobsled run, Petříkov

The summer bobsled run, an exciting and safe sports attraction, is the first of its kind in the Czech Republic. The double-seat bobsleds are equipped with a brake allowing riders to control the speed and style of their ride; suitable for both children and adults. The 800 m track features 15 turns, three dog legs, a vertical drop of 100 metres, and a maximum speed of 45 km/hr. Possibility of profesional archery.


Boulder Centre – climbing wall, Šumperk

Our training climbing wall permits practising for both beginners and professionals. We offer climbing shoe rental and provide magnesium and we would be pleased to advise beginners on “how to do it”.


Velké Losiny thermal spa

Visitors and spa guests come here for the curative effects of the local thermal springs (36.8 °C). We offer the opportunity to bathe in an indoor thermal pool in the Spa hotel Eliška and in the new areal THERME LOSINY. Also available is a complete balneotherapy facility with a wide range of procedures, professional treatments and rehabilitation. The discount applies to the indoor thermal pool in the Hotel Eliška and to spa treatments.

Discount 10 %

Wellness Centre at DIANA Hotel, Velké Losiny

The pleasant and well-equipped hotel wellness centre off ers a wide range of sporting and relaxation possibilities such as a pool, whirlpool bath, classic massage, squash, a fi tness centre, bike rentals, ping-pong, and tennis courts.

Discount 10 %

Kolštejn Relaxation Centre, Branná

The Kolštejn Relaxation Centre in Branná offers a wide range of services. Our wellness centre has 6 saunas, a steam bath, salt and herbal therapy, baths, massages, the Fitodar herbal bath, a tropical rain experience, and many other delights. The discount applies to the wellness centre.

Discount 10 % and free drink

Atlant – taxi

Thanks to the excellent and broad range of services the company provides to its customers, Atlant taxi s.r.o. is one of the LARGEST and MOST RELIABLE taxi providers in Olomouc. Atlant taxis are EASY TO IDENTIFY thanks to their BRIGHT YELLOW colour and distinct company logo. CASHLESS PAYMENTS are accepted in all taxis. All of our cars are non-smoking. Atlant Taxi offers the most favourable QUALITY, RELIABILITY AND PRICE ratio on the market.

Discount 22 %

Pod Věží Cottage - Recreational Centre

We offer accommodation in rooms and cabins with catering for camps, schools and tours. We organise summer camps for children. There is a lounge and a restaurant open all day. Good access to Olomouc. We are 2.5 km from the zoo on Svatý Kopeček.

Discount 10 %

Milotel Hotel***

The Milotel Hotel is situated in a convenient location near the main road to Ostrava, with parking space for both cars and buses. The size of the rooms ranges from single-bed to four-bed. On the ground floor there is a restaurant and a lounge with meals served upon request at all times. The ground floor of the hotel houses a restaurant and a non-smoking dining room (20-seat capacity).

Discount 10 %

Olomouc Spa

We focus mainly on maintaining the proper function of the locomotive system (physiotherapy), enhancement of the immune system and activation of self-healing processes within your body (balneotherapy). We offer individual spa procedures – massage, oxygen therapy, floating, mud baths, peat baths and spa additive baths, light therapy, relaxation baths, lymphatic massage, and lymph drainage. With a newly built sauna, steam room, whirlpool.

Discount 10% and 15 %

Slatinice Antique Car Museum

The remodelled 1850 m2 farm houses a collection of antique automobiles and motorcycles (Mercedes Benz, BMW, KdF) predominantly dating from the 1930s and also featuring a large number of period artefacts. Other points of interest include a period scene from Olomouc, a car shop with a petrol station dating to the beginning of the 20th century, a village barn with an antique car “stashed” under straw and surrounded by antique agricultural tools.


U Veterána Guest House, Slatinice

Discount 10 %

Aviation Museum Olomouc

On display at the 6,000 m2 indoor exhibition area are aircraft engines, simulators, pilot gear, as well as many rare aircrafts and their prototypes, such as the L-610 Transport, XL-29 and XL-39 Jets, Ilyushin IL-14FG, Mi-24 attack helicopter, Su-25 bomber, development stages of the MiG-21, and many others including armoured vehicles of the ground forces.


Historical Carriages Museum

For the first time ever in Czech history we are presenting a unique and the largest collection of historical carriages and lanterns. To look forward to: the largest funeral coach ever, built by the Brožík factory; over 70 historic carriages including sleighs; the largest carriage collection in the world of Czech and Moravian builders; the largest collection of carriage lanterns in Central Europe; the largest collection of funeral carriages in Central Europe; the largest collection of bishop’s carriages and sleighs; remodelled as well as original carriages; a collection of livery, horse harnesses, and accessories; a gallery of documents, plans, and photographs; a restoration workshop included in the tour; historic carriage workshop; film and audio projection; group tours; Josefkol Craftsman Gathering held every July. Free admission applies to Tour 1.


Apartment accommodation in Kouty

Apartment accommodations in Kouty off er several types of facilities, from hostels to three-star apartments in the Jeseníky Mts, which you must try. It also includes a wellness studio.

Discount 10 %

Pension Fialka***

Distinguished by its family atmosphere, the Fialka guesthouse provides accommodation in double rooms with an optional extra bed or in a suite. The rooms have their own bathroom, TV and WIFI. Visitors can take advantage of a fully equipped kitchen and a dining hall. The guesthouse offers ski storage, a bike room, and a car park. Recently we have also added wellness packages. The guesthouse is open all the year round.

Discount 10 %

Wellness studio Accommodation in Kouty

The wellness studio, located on the ground floor of the Apartments Pod Zálesím building, will provide you with perfect relaxation. A whirlpool and a sauna are available to our guests. You can combine a pleasant wellness experience with a rest in a cosy sitting area with a glass of good wine or a cup of coffee.

Discount 10 %

Rybářská Bašta Restaurant

The stylish restaurant on the bank of the Kocián Pond in Loučná nad Desnou with a summer terrace and fishing suitable even for beginners (it is possible to have the locally renown chefs prepare your freshly caught fish). In addition, the restaurant also serves pork, beef, chicken, and fish specialties. The most popular meals are those prepared with Olomouc tvarůžek cheese.

Discount 10 %

The “Witch Trials” Exhibition, Šumperk

The cellars of the Geschader House contain the “Witch Trials” exhibition, equipped with the modern audio guidePORT™. The exhibition describes the darkest period of Šumperk’s history – the infamous witch trials from the second half of the 17th century. Only group orders placed at least 14 days in advance are accepted during the off-season.


Wellness Hotel Residence **** Ambra Luhačovice

Wellness Hotel Residence **** Ambra Luhačovice is well equipped facility with year-round operation, located in a quiet part of town, about 450 m from the spa center. Character and service levels are among the top accommodation in Luhačovice and its surroundings. Nice atmosphere and luxuriously spacious rooms and suites offer comfort, excellent cuisine and contemporary culinary experiences balneotherapy center of vitality relaxation.

Discount 10%

Bozeňov Recreational Resort

The Bozeňov Sport & Relax Resort offers a wide range of accommodation, relaxation and sports activities. You can stay at the three-star wellness Hotel, the Guest-House, or the cabin camp. We offer an adrenaline park for adventure fans and also clay tennis courts, beach volleyball courts and a multifunctional sports ground, and a children’s playground with a jungle gym castle. If you prefer to relax, then you can try our variety of massages and wellness centre with a Finnish sauna, steam bath, hot waterbeds and whirlpool, among other things. The Bozeňov Sport & Relax Resort also offers the opportunity to swim in the nearby lakes.

10% discount for adrenaline and sports activities

Bobrovník Auto Camping, Lipová-lázně

The caravan site is located in the valley of the Staříč River between the village of Lipová Lázně and the town of Jeseník in close proximity to a protected landscape area. It provides all-year-round accommodation in four-bed chalets, double and three-bed rooms.

Discount 10 %

Guesthouse Slezský dům, Jeseník

This boarding house is situated on the outskirts of the town of Jeseník, not far from attractive tourist routes and ski resorts. Cosy en-suite rooms, courteous personnel, exquisite Czech cuisine, a non-smoking environment, swimming pool, sauna and car park.

Discount 20 %

Cottage SKI Centrum Miroslav, Lipová-lázně

Mountain cottage in the very centre of the Jeseníky Mountains, 30 bed capacity, ensuite rooms, restaurant, terrace and ski lift 20 m from the hut.

Discount 10 %

Guesthouse G***, Šumperk

A newly reconstructed pension situated in a quiet park environment, five minutes from the city centre. We offer guests well-furnished rooms with restrooms, a kitchenette with refrigerator, TV, internet connections, and a safety deposit box. Breakfast is included with accommodations. The discount applies to accommodations.

Discount 10 %

Hotel Slovan****, Jeseník

A newly renovated hotel in the centre of the town of Jeseník. Apart from standard hotel services, it also offers wellness services in the premises or in the Priessnitz Health Spa. The discount applies to accommodation.

Discount 10 %

Hotel Černá kočka***, Štíty

Restaurant with a smoking and non-smoking section, a wide selection of quickly-prepared and ready-made meals and a summer terrace. Convention room, Wi-Fi, garage. Double rooms – optional extra bed, four–bed rooms, and a suite. We organize corporate and private events. The surrounding area offers: ski slopes, cross-country skiing tracks, bike trails, Aleš Valenta’s Acrobat Park, the Zemská brána nature preserve, fortifications, monastery, observation tower.

Discount 10 %

Orlovna Gallery

The Orlovna Gallery immediately adjacent to the Bishop’s Mint stands on the site of the old bishop‘s mill. Under Olomouc Archbishop Theodore Kohn (1892–1904), the mill was converted into a waterworks; the Orla – ‘Orlovna’ sports facility was later created at the site. The Orlovna Gallery Association (GO!) displays contemporary works of art in this section nowadays.


Hotel, Restaurant Praděd, Velké Losiny

Praděd Hotel lies in the very heart of the spa town Velké Losiny, only 100 m from the Thermal Spa Velké Losiny, which specializes in treatment of the movement system. The thermal spring Žerotín is one of the major tools in the treatment. The hotel offers accommodation in high-quality modern rooms, a restaurant, and conference facilities. The discount applies to accommodation (15 %) and restaurant (10 %).

Discount 10-15 %

Rejvíz lodge, Rejvíz

We offer stays of 3 days and longer in a well-equipped cottage for groups of 8 to 15 persons with 5 rooms, a kitchen, sauna, and fireplace, garden with a patio, hearth and the beautiful environment of a nature reserve. Paradise for tourists, cyclists, skiers and mushroom pickers. The whole lodge is available for rent by 10-16 people.

Discount 10 %

Hotel Dlouhé Stráně***, Kouty n.D.

This hotel (three stars) in the very centre of the Jeseníky Mountains has a capacity of 650 beds, en-suite rooms, restaurant, wine bar, playrooms, fitness centre, bowling, sauna and ski lift, all within 10 minutes’ walking distance. A new ski resort – Kouty ski resort, about one km from the hotel. The discount applies to accommodations.

Discount 20 %

Losinka recreational complex, Rapotín

Losinka recreational complex is located 700 m from the Renaissance château of Velké Losiny, in the natural environment of the Jeseníky Mountains. It off ers various types of accommodation, from fully equipped apartments and rooms to wooden huts and a camping site. At your disposal are a restaurant, an outdoor terrace, a playground, a football pitch and a multipurpose sports fi eld. Clearly a great advantage is our own wellness studio with massages, therapeutic wraps and a newly opened private wellness area with a whirlpool bath and infrared sauna.

Discount 10 %

U Pelikána lodge, Kouty n.D.

The lodge is located in a beautiful setting below Červenohorské sedlo, not far from the pumped storage water electric plant in Dlouhé Stráně. Quality furnishings and a capacity of 49 beds. The lodge is especially suitable for school recreation, ski courses, trips, as well as for family recreation.

Discount 10 %

Hotel Slunce***, Rýmařov

The Hotel Slunce offers pleasant accommodations and is also a convenient launching point to discover natural sites and historical monuments in the Jeseníky Mountain region. In the evening enjoy our water park. There is a bowling lane, Morous microbrewery now opened. The discount applies to accommodations.

Discount 10 %

Guesthouse Pohoda, Česká Ves

Accommodation in a quiet suburb located 3 minutes by car from the centre of Jeseník. Two apartments with two rooms each, with private entrances from the garden. Each of them is suitable for 2–4 persons and guests can prepare their own meals. TV/SAT, DVD, WIFI. Trampoline, swings, sandpit. Fenced parking.

Discount 10 %

The ”Witch Trials” Exhibition, Jeseník

A unique permanent exhibit tells the story of the witch trials that took place in the Jeseník region in the 17th century. The exhibit features a FogScreen (special equipment that projects into fog). On display are 17th-century documents from the Wrocław archives never displayed before.


Hotel Červenohorské Sedlo

Červenohorské Sedlo Hotel is located in the eponymous ski resort, at an altitude of 1013 m. A great resort for hiking and cycling, with many marked trails. The hotel offers the excellent facilities of its relax centre, including an indoor heated swimming pool that is 12x6 metres and 175 cm deep. For each paying adult, a child under 15 years gets free entry to the pool. The price for adults is CZK 69. Please reserve in advance by calling 583 295 101 or 723 501 310.


Wellness Center Hotel Helios, Lipová-lazně

The wellness centre off ers visitors a year-round heated indoor pool with water attractions with a size of 12 x 6 m2, whirlpool, Kneipp massage walkway, sauna (infrared sauna, steam bath with salt therapy and aromatherapy options), experience showers, relaxation room, outdoor terrace with sun loungers, and a pool bar.

Discount 10 %

Mountain center of entertainment and sport, Kouty nad Desnou

KOUTY – the newest state-of-the-art resort in Jeseníky off ers a 6-chair lift (including a bicycle or a pram) to the nearby mountain-top water reservoir called Dlouhé stráně. It also features the adrenaline-pumping BIKE PARK, a number of hiking and biking trails at altitudes exceeding 1100 m. Four catering establishments serve the resort area. Use your Olomouc region Card for discounts on bike, inline skate and scooter rentals from Helia Sport.

Discount 10 %

Hotel Praděd, Velké Losiny

Praděd Hotel is located in the middle of Velké Losiny. If you use the services of the local restaurant and order something from the daily menu, then Praděd Hotel will give you a complimentary dessert of your choice from the famous local sweet shop. The hotel sweet shop is directly in the hotel – just bring your receipt from the restaurant and a valid ORC card. Valid for any dessert on the menu.


Restaurace U Tygra, Olomouc

A pleasant smoke-free restaurant with Czech home cooking and premium beer (Radegast, Pilsner Urquell, Staropramen), with the opportunity to taste different types of lesser-known beers on the „rotating tap“. Smoking area, wheelchair access, summer beer garden and parking. A stone‘s throw away from the centre of Olomouc. Try our homemade metre-long sausage – eat it in 30 minutes and get it free! The discount does not apply to the lunch menu (from CZK 74).

Discount 10 %

Town Hall Tower, Olomouc

Visit of the City Hall tower gallery (at a height of 75m) and the room where the tower-keeper used to live The tour is possible even for just one paying visitor.


Skubi – traditional toys, Olomouc – Svatý Kopeček

Sales of traditional Czech wooden and sheet metal toys and kits. Souvenirs, books, maps, and a range of additional products.

Discount 20 %

Skubi – ornamental trees, Hrdibořice

Growing and sale of coniferous and deciduous ornamental trees and smaller trees. Option to purchase outside opening hours based on a prior telephone arrangement.

Discount 10 %

Town Hall Tower, Prostějov

The two-story town hall, with an asymmetrically placed tower, was built between 1911 and 1914. The tower’s interior viewing platform is located at a height of 46 m. In addition, the tower features an exhibition on the Town Hall‘s past and present and a clockwork. Viewing telescopes are also available. Or can be booked.


Exposure time, Šternberk

The Exhibition of Time in Šternberk is a modern museum that houses 250 items from around the world. The theme of „time“ is conceived in terms of both a technical and an artistic perspective. Visitors can expect 3D models of planets, rare clocks, globes, and much more. ‘Man has no nobler or more valuable possession than time.’ Ludwig van Beethoven.


Sport club Hvozd

Sport club Hvozd offers citizens a conical micro indoor sports: two squash courts, table tennis, fitness, billiards and darts. It also offers accommodation and a multi-purpose lounge with professional presentation equipment. The Hvozd Sports Club is fully prepared for various company events, trainings, sports camps, parties, meetings etc. At the same time they are with us cordially welcome all lovers of cycling and winter sports.

Discount -10%